Three SK SERA Presidents

Left to right Roger Gregory, W4RWG -Danny Hampton, K4ITL – John Crockett,  W3KH

SERA is the largest Amateur Radio Repeater Coordinating organization in the United States. We are delighted that you have stopped by.  And now, for the first time ever, SERA is going ONLINE and allowing Full Members access to the SERA Database. This access will make things much easier for you as you travel, plan for repeater coordination and find repeaters in other locations.

Elected Officers:
• President – Dr Mike Fariss, K4EZ
• Vice President – Matthew Littleton, KN4SWB
• Secretary /Treas- Harold Bullard, K5WHB

Appointed Officials:
• Executive Committee Member – David Benoist, AG4ZR and Mike Bishop,       WM4RB
• Membership Manager & Database Administrator – Dr. Mike Fariss, K4EZ

SERA Districts

P.O. Box 25
Hillsville, VA 24343

For documentation purposes we need your inquiries sent by e-Mail at help.info@sera.org ;  This is the only official internet web site approved by the SERA Board of Directors.