SERA Districts – KY

A Note From Your Director

Coordination is a process of working together to maximize our enjoyment of this great hobby of ham radio. Your SERA coordinator works with repeater owners and trustees to help select operating frequencies and other parameters so that repeaters can co-exist with minimum interference to each other’s users. The SERA has carefully developed Band Plans and Coordination Polices and Procedures that prospective repeater applicants should review. Then application is made through the SERA Universal Coordination System software portal. Having said that, please realize that coordinating a new two-meter repeater in Kentucky is very difficult, especially for traditional analog usage. The two-meter band is essentially full. We can probably accommodate your request for other bands, and there are some possibilities for the narrow-band digital-only modes even on two meters.
Repeater owners, please update your UCS record with any changes to your contact information or to your repeater’s data so that our listings and coordination efforts can be accurate. I know that several systems have recently upgraded to Yaesu System Fusion or DMR mixed-mode systems, for example. And please remember to do your annual re-confirmation of system operation.
We encourage your membership and support of the SERA. Repeater owners or trustees may join as Full Members; repeater users may join as Associate Members. Members receive the quarterly Repeater Journal with lots of news and with fresh repeater listings. Membership application can be done online or with a paper form mailed in. See the Membership page for more information. Thank you and 73,
Bill KJ4W

State Director & Frequency Coordinator

Bill Call, KJ4W
SERA Kentucky Director
Coordinating Western Kentucky
1515 Coles Campground Road
Murray KY 42071
(270) 753-7870 – (home)
(270) 293-0068 – (cell)

Bill Call, KJ4W
Bill Call              KJ4W

Repeater Journal Correspondent

Greg Walters, KY4GW
SERA Repeater Journal Correspondent
Greg Walters, is our contributing correspondent for all of Kentucky’s amateur radio news. Contact Greg with any newsworthy Kentucky information for the SERA Repeater Journal.