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2021 Hamfest and Club News

YEA   February 27th 2021.     The Dalton ARC Hamfest for 2021 is “Good to Go” Go to and keep up with any possible changes.  


Greenville, TN Hamfest.   You DO NOT want to miss this one!


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Greenville Hamfest


2021 Charlotte Hamfest Canceled
The Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society has canceled the Charlotte Hamfest scheduled for March 12th & 13th, 2021.  We are deeply disappointed!  We will be focusing on the 2022 Charlotte Hamfest when we hope we will be able to bring you the quality, multidimensional hamfest that you’ve come to enjoy.

The COVID pandemic has brought such uncertainty regarding how and if the Charlotte Hamfest could be held next spring that we realized that the event would fall short of everyone’s expectations.  We don’t want to put on an event that is less than you deserve.  Plan to join us March 11th & 12th, 2022 when we all will have an exciting and good time.

Charleston Hamfest Cancelled

Charleston Hamfest Cancelled

Dayton Hamvention CANCELLED for 2021

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