Danny Hampton K4ITL still at work after 37 years

Southeastern Repeater Association Inc., Vice President Danny Hampton,K4ITL

On behalf of the Southeastern Repeater Association, Inc., I am pleased to pay special recognition to Danny Hampton, K4ITL for thirty-seven (37) years service.  Danny has seen Amateur Radio and especially repeaters and repeater linking systems evolve into today’s digital modes with satellite and internet linking.  Danny is a modern day miracle and if you dont believe that, you need to see him tune a repeater, install preamps, set audio and tune duplexers.   Those of you who know  Danny understand how he overcomes a handicap that would be the end of the world for most of us and makes difficult things look simple.  We know that SERA and the Amateur Radio World is a better place today because of people like Danny.   We are proud to call him our friend.

Roger Gregory, W4RWG
President, SERA


Licensed since 1971, Calls WN4STD, WB4STD, KC4VR, WB3T, K4EZ Active Repeater Owner SERA Coordinator and Database Admin Membership / Treasurer for SERA